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(This story is to be read with the context of our situation in mind. People who have not been with us find it actually very difficult to appreciate … )

Part 1 - hissssssssss -- bulletin from amsterdam -- hsssssssssssss


good evening fellow maltese viruses, spread across the world, this is your lord
and master jeremy speaking from the land of utter confusion and non-logic

since we all received accurate accounts of their first impressions of their
destinations, and since mark, next to me is too lazy to reply to you himself,
i thought i'd undertake the task myself...
amsterdam is very very weird indeed...

no, just's pretty cool, although it's so baffling with an almost
total lack of landmarks that in the first couple of days getting around is almost
impossible, and u end up walking great distances(whoever read my biography:
"Tales of an Unknown God", knows my issues with physical exercise that isn't
for reproductive purposes or elbow raising in the ritual of drinking)...anyways,
now that i have my month pass for public transport, my ankle joints are regaining
their space...
our house is's a town house in the north west quadrant of the
city, which takes your breath away when u open the door carrying your luggage
and realize that the loooooooong flight of steps ahead of you is almost perpendicular....i've
already stated that i need someone to walk behind me if i have to walk up those
stairs drunk....and by the way, the mice in the kitchen say hi...i don't know
how the other students ared oing since we live separately and i doubt we'll
meet before monday when there is the weekly meeting at the shutter bar...for
david, we share the house with stein...he's a very cool guy and i intend on
raiding his cd collection when i get the altered states, he looks
identical to conan o'brien...tal-biza!!!
hospital is ta' l-alla but the hours are obscene to say the least!!!! 7:30 to
5:30 is unhealthy....but i get to anaesthetize kids with sevorane(don't tell
anyone but i didn't put the masks totally airtight a couple of times to see
if anyone in the room actually goes to sleep too). anyone who intends to eat
strawberries with cream in the near future must know that the propellant gas
is nitrous oxide (N20, or laughing gas)...just a tip from a friend <:)
till now we didn't explore properly, but the weekend's here and we don't just
intend on eating on the grass in the cool parks around here...from the little
i've tasted till's gonna be a great time stop, smart shop...

to all the spaniards...i'm glad you didn't think i'm a liar....say hi to jonay
for me mairi...did u see him in pyjamas? vera tidhku!!! sasha, when gypsies
play the guitar and clap they call it flamenco(just kidding)...i suggest u go
to salamanca, but don't fall for the trick that the social program guy tells
u...u can find really good cheap hostels, with LESS than 18 beds in one room!!!
plus the sangria there is excellent....worth the trip....whoever is in madrid,
has to go to the cervezeria santa teresa...round the corner from a club called
el tunel (i don't remember the metro station next to it but el tunel is a famous
club so people can direct u)...

elaine is always high even if she doesn't smoke....ruth is a jukebox gone horribly
wrong, and mark helps me not to miss my grandma
other than that our major quarrel is whether philadelphia is a good cheese to
ciao for now coz the people around do not appreciate good prose...
lots of crap
j E r E m Y ?

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