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Photo Album

Exchange Clerkship in Amsterdam (03 July - 03 August 2001)

50th IFMSA GA, Denmark (04 August - 15 August 2001)

(Pictures in chronological order. Click to enlarge)

The story according to j E r E m Y ? >>


At the VU University, Amsterdam   Dam Square, Amsterdam
  Damrak, main street in Amsterdam  
With Schwarzenegger at Madamme Tussaud's   Chinatown, Amsterdam
  Sleeping !  
At Museumplein   At the Schutter bar
  It's raining man ...... alleluiah !  
Heineken Brewery of course   Trying my luck with drums .....
  The reason why we went to the brewery  
Boat paddling in Amsterdam canals   (Italian) pizzeria managed by Tunisians !
  The Hague (Den Haag)  
The Reindeer   Delft
Jeremy's Birthday   First we smoke ....
  ...... then we sing !  
Chessmaster   Again ! (at the Greenhouse)
  The park at the Rijksmuseum  
Amsterdam Centraal   At Zaandijk
  still there....  
Wow ! The clogs !   Antwerp main square
  Antigon !!  
Brussels main square   Mini Manneque Pis
  "International" party at our place  
Playing with the rod ....   Martini tower, Groningen
  Nice (and cheap) Groningen pub  
Wadlopen ....   Photo with 3x zoom when we were
half-way. We went beyond that ship !!!
  Temporary relief from the mud ..  
The reward for our hard work ...    


Maltese delegation at Aalborg   Anniversary Day gala dinner
  With the Greeks of course !
(To psolismu to kefali ...)
CCC Team, Chair, Vice-chair,
Snajeeb, Marta
  Aalborg centre after a nice Whopper!
  Changing of the guards at Copenhagen  
Royal Palace Copenhagen (1)   Royal Palace Copenhagen (2)
  The (little) mermaid !  
New Haven, Copenhagen   On a boat trip in the canals
  Evening at Tivoli (1)  
Evening at Tivoli (2)   The roller coaaster !!
  Last stop of our trip ... free beer at the Carlsberg factory !!  
Three Cheers !!    

Some nice people on the way .....

Rita   Sjoukje & Simone
Maiko   Eri
Jana   Joel