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The NEW Hangman is here !!!

After many, many requests and many promises, the NEW Hangman 3.0 is finally out ... and it's available for downloading for FREE !!!

It includes several new features as:
  • Full Windows 98 compliance
  • Enhanced and much better graphics
  • Better user interactivity
  • A dictionary of more than 2,000 words !

And for those of you who are new to this game, here's something small about it:

Hangman is a simple, easy to use game requiring very low system resources, so make the best out of it and use it to further IMPROVE your knowledge of the English language. Your objective is to guess the hidden word by typing one letter at a time. If you do not guess the word, you will be HANGED !!


You can download the file HANGMAN.ZIP by filling in the form below. Once downloaded, uncompress it using WINZIP or similar software and then run the SETUP.EXE program. Follow instructions from then on !

That's all .... Hope you enjoy it !!!!!

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