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Photo Album

Post-Exam Results Celebrations & Trip to Italy
(27 June - 05 July 2002)

(Pictures in chronological order. Click to enlarge)

The post-exam celebrations ......

 The carcade, led by Clifford .... watch out for the bras !
  Nice meal at Raffael  



The Colusseum Foro Italico
Foro Italico unspoilt view :)
At the gate of ???? Cheers !
Vittorio Emmanuele II monument full view
Vittorio Emmanuele II monument Vittorio Emmanuele II monument view from the top
I became famous for smelling these out when most needed !
Whole group -1 at Piazza Navona The basilica at Piazza Navona
Award winning photo of the Vatican & Tevere at sunset
Someone just bought a pair of sunglasses .... With the elephant .... a tribute to Hannibal (the original)
Celebrating the Brazil's world cup win. Note the Al Qaeda member behind Ruth.
Shame or glory ?? Alla bocca della verita` ...
The day at the Vatican started off like this ...
Repenting from their sins ... This is where I got my athlete's foot
Beautiful mosaic on the Vatican dome
The pope's coat of arms View from the Vatican dome (was it worth 323+ stairs ?)
No comment ....
???? Why the hell does Cappella Sistina close at 14:30 ????? Frascati central square. Why is this pic slanting ?
That's before she got drunk
The whole group finally ! Note the presence of our official photographer Seems that the waiter was a bit drunk too ...



Who said I don't have muscles ?? The battistero, cathedral and tower
Inside Pisa's Cathedral



Siena's beautiful narrow streets One "contrada" is preparing for the Palio !
Siena main square
Waiting in the sun ..... Finally the "warming up" has begun ... it takes hours !
Warming up still going on .... (the last train is leaving !!)
Eventually I think that the Hedgehog team won, but in the confusion that followed, there was certainly no time for photos ! But Reuben promised to go again next year, so we're hoping to have a complete set !


Florence, original home of the sottoscritto

I risked my camera for this one. Altar at San Lorenzo church
Front of the wonderful Florence cathedral The bell-tower
No comment (2)
Nice door of the Battistero Elaine + the Dome
Again 6 -1
Benvenuto ! So much pride next to our coat of arms !
Davide  (the fake)
Palazzo della Signoria The Arno & Ponte Vecchio
View from the Uffizi gallery
All exhausted ... but .... We certainly couldn't miss the Fiorentina !!